What People Say about our Ceramic Wares

Just wanted to let you know that I love my new draperies! The colours are so cheerful and they are such good quality. I also am very happy with the t-towels with the appliqued oak leaf .. I bought some for friends and for myself also. The label says to wash in cold water, but I washed them in warm and they came out just fine. They are nice and soft and I plan to pick up some more (if there are any left!!) the next time we are in Port! I adore your store, everything is so bright and cheerful. I would love to sit on the porch and have a cup of tea or coffee and just "chill out" .. is that a possibility for the future? (I hope so!) :)


Last weekend I went shopping at your most lovely shop and this time I bought a wonderful 20 cm paella pot .. I call it my little frying pan. At first I was reluctant to use it on the stove but I soon got over that and now it is my favorite little fry-pan! Such a fun and cheerful way to sauté veggies, I love it. I also love the table jewellery and now have a package of those plus a sparkly bookmark ... so beautiful. I am slowly building up my kitchen with some of the ceramic ware and now have the large yellow covered casserole, large fruit bowl, dish, mug, etc. etc., and this weekend I plan to come by for a visit and look again! Such happy ceramics, they really brighten up the kitchen and I feel so creative when I use them! Besides enjoying the beautiful terracotta products at your shop, the added benefit of all the money raised going to the Hospice adds a higher value to the products. And the fact that everyone who works there does so as a volunteer shows what a very caring group of people there are in Port Alberni. There is a very positive energy to all of this.

Anne-Marie Deryaw (Victoria)

Cooking on gas and in our new ceramic cookware!!! Great to meet you this weekend with the gyro clan. Look forward to many more yummy meals made with love. All the best, we'll be back

Jamie and Ron Jackson (Nanoose) Life is good!

""My granddaughter loves to cook and is learning how to use the ceramics. So I bought her a pizza dish that will be just perfect for her. Love it!"

Pam Graig (Port Alberni)

"Pot Luck Ceramics is amazing, efficient and beautiful! My favourite piece is the large casserole dish."

Laurie Viner (Port Alberni)

"I love Pot Luck: The People, The pottery, and what it is doing for our Community!"

Jean McIntosh (Port Alberni)

"The Pot Luck Barn is such a restful & peaceful spot, and buying here makes me think of Ty Watson House, and I hope the good that comes from the barn will be transfered to the residents of our hospice house".

Kay Rolls (Port Alberni)

""Pot Luck Ceramics is fantastic! I love it! Keep up the good work!"

Helga Schievink (Port Alberni)

"It is really inspiring to hear of a business that exists for the sole purpose of supporting local charities"

J.C.Celer (Port Alberni)

"Congratulations to all the Pot Luck Ceramic volunteers on your first major donation! You all do so much to make the world a better place! Port Alberni is so lucky to have you as citizens". -

Anne Evans (Port Alberni)

"I was in your store last month and purchased several items. It is a great way of picking up things for myself and gifts for others, as well as donating to a wonderful organization."

Deb Van Vliet (Port Alberni)